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What are the Tuesday workers:

The Tuesday Workers are made up of men and women dedicated to the principles of Father Adolph Kolping. They keep our facility maintained and upgraded in the areas requiring attention. Norb Shoemaker spearheads and coordinates the plans, work, and completion of the activities each week. There are between 15 and 35 workers each Tuesday and we are seeking to grow these numbers.

Some of the types of work that are performed by our members include, but are not limited to the following:

The list does not include visiting with members who are ill and reporting back on those who need our thoughts and prayers.

As we experience the winds of change I believe Kolping will survive indifferent ways that support our ideals and plans for the future. I enjoyed seeing the members respond to my request of bringing grandchildren to help set-up and tear down for our festival. The time you shared with them was priceless.

As our members are easing up a little I have seen support in continuing to serve Kolping in every way we can. Norb Shoemaker shares that the crowd is shrinking and it takes longer to complete tasks needed to maintain the center. I know we will get through the difficult road ahead and I ask that you contribute your talents in any capacity you are able to. We have a great group that helps on Saturday Work sessions spear headed by Our President and Vice president. Trey and Chris have stepped up and coordinated help with the grounds and I know there will be more to do. Thanks for all of their time and talent in coordinating the re-mulching and set-up, teardown of the festival in the evenings and weekends.

We need your time and talent as we enter the fall season and prepare for the colder months ahead. Please Contact Tom Musbach if you would like to assist in helping on Tuesdays, or just show up!

As we pray to St. Joseph the worker we ask for guidance and strength to continue sharing in all ways the time and talents needed to keep Kolping STRONG.

St. Joseph