Schützenfest Cincinnati

June 17th, 18th, & 19th


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Schützenfest, translated as the Marksmen’s Fest, is a traditional German festival dating back to medieval times.  It celebrates a marksman saving a young child’s life from an eagle attack.


Schützenfest was brought to Cincinnati in 1866 by German immigrants. It is actually older than the Cincinnati Reds!


We continue this tradition each year with the shooting of a hand-carved eagle.  The winning marksman is crowned “Schützenkönig” for the year.


You do not want to miss our Schützenfest Gemütlichkeit of beer, wine, food, and entertainment for the whole family! Please enjoy our Website and Facebook Page for more information on our outstanding food and refreshments as well as our fantastic entertainment lineup!


Schützenfest benefits the Cincinnati Kolping Society and its many philanthropic efforts.

Friday - 6 PM – Midnight

Saturday - 4 PM – Midnight

Sunday -1PM – 9 PM